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The best way to spend school vacation is to attend Lola Kenya Screen movie festival.

Here’s the Best Way to Spend Your School Vacation

By Wangari Mumbi Kiarie, Kianda School, Nairobi

wangari mumbi kiarie served on the jury of Lola Kenya Screen film competition.I attended Lola Kenya Screen 2008 as part of the film jury.

I must say that it was quite an experience right from the word go.

I enjoyed myself thoroughly and learnt so much from the various people brought on board to mentor us.

Also, I got the opportunity to make new friends and learnt a lot about various cultures. Judging films was quite fun!

Lola Kenya Screen has not only educated me on the different ways of film productions but has also broadened and enriched my view on various cultures. Truly, I cannot find a better way to spend my August school holidays!

Lately after Lola Kenya Screen experience I have written quite a few scripts and I am hoping to finish them and write more. I have found a hobby in looking at billboards and thinking, “How can the message be better presented?”

I have written an article on movie production in Kenya and advertisement and I will be happy to forward it to you if you like.

Having sat on the Lola Kenya Screen Film Jury in 2008, Wangari Mumbi Kiarie was head of the 2009 Jury

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