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Crystal Ndolo, a participant in Lola Kenya Screen'sskills-development programmes, accessing the internet

Here is How to Investigate How Children Understand Risk in New Media

How children consume media.Children’s rapid adoption of the internet and other online technologies, together with the constantly changing media landscape (e.g. more apps and tailored sites, more individualized media use, more mobile internet), pose challenges to researchers concerning the difficult task of adapting and renewing their inventory of research tools in order to identify the risks and opportunities presented by the internet and new media use. EU Kids Online II (2009
-11) has offered a unique picture of the risks and benefits that accompany these activities. The all Europe survey offers valuable information on where, how and what children access online, what risks they encounter, what risks actually bother them, how they cope with problematic content or conduct and how effective parental strategies are in reducing such risks.

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