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Movie practitioners interact during the 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forum

Lola Kenya Screen Marks 12 Years of Celebrating Movies!

Fred Wendo scripted DYSLEXIA for Theluji Africa Productions.Lola Kenya Screen film forum entered the 12th year of bringing movie practitioners together to monthly screening, discussion and interaction on October 31, 2016.

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Billed as Kenya’s premier critical movie platform, 96th LKSff marked the occasion by showing and discussing DYSLEXIA, a film on how a mental disorder could adversely affect not just children’s school work but also family unity. The work is written by Fred Wendo and directed by Robert Machoka under Theluji Africa Productions.

Among the shortcomings identified in DYSLEXIA was inadequate research on the topic of dyslexia as the subject was just touched on but not explored in a medium like film that is driven by showing and not telling.

Eunice Ayuma, an actress, voice-over artist and brand model noted that “a good film should educate the audience and that research should be done to ensure that the target audience can relate to the theme of the film.”

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Movie practitioners interact during the 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forumMoses Sheldon, a script writer and Emcee also noted that some of the shots in the movie should have been edited out. He noted that the overhead microphone is visible in one scene.

Lawrence Mwangi, a theatre arts and film technology student whose films have been showcased at LKSff stressed that the editing of the film would have been done better to get rid of unnecessary stuff.

You’re happy and safe one minute and the next you and your family must flee your home or get killed. What effect does this have on 6-13-year-old children? THE KITE WITHOUT WIND, a film by Salem Salavati of Iran tackled this in the Childfare segment of the 96th LKSff.

Also shown but not discussed was DAVID G MAILLU, A bio-documentary film on Kenya’s father of pop literature who also doubles up as an actor, poet, singer and painter; and 95TH LOLA KENYA SCREEN FILM FORUM, a movie on the previous monthly meeting.

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In the five-minute ExpertSpeak presentation, Ogova Ondego, drawing from his experience as a movie judge, event and talent manager and producer, talked about How (Not) To Release A Movie.

Cast and crew of Theluji Africa Productions are introduced at the 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forum in Nairobi.Presented in satirically, Ondego said a movie should be released WITHOUT accompanying:
a). synopsis or summary
b). full list of credits
c). stills of the film in production
d). profiles of principal cast (actors in lead roles)
e). profiles of main crew (Director, Screen Writer, Producer)
f). trailer (formatted for multi-zone)
g). motivation/Director’s statement
Exchanging contacts at Lola Kenya Screen film forum in the digital ageh). poster/flyer/press book
i). images of lead cast and crew
j). website/social media pages
k). A movie whose original language is not English should not be sub-titled or dubbed in English:
i). Don’t summarise
ii). Don’t synthesise
iii). Don’t use correct grammar
iv). Don’t be concerned about correct spellings
NB: Submitting naked DVDs/untitled movie files is a great service to both practitioner and audience/festival/market!

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Lawrence Mwangi and a colleague from Kenyatta University's Theatre Arts and Film Technology Department follow proceedings during the 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forum in Nairobi on 31.10.16.The 96th LKSff, the initiative of ComMattersKenya consultancy in collaboration with Goethe-Institut, took place at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi, 5:45-8:15 PM.

“With our 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff) having gone down at Goethe-Institut on October 31, 2016, we enter the 12th continuous year of supporting the #7thArt_in_easternAfrica,” Lola Kenya Screen said on its status update on Facebook. “We came into being on October 15, 2005 under the ArtMatters.Info #cultural_journalism and #arts_criticism initiative of #ComMattersKenya consultancy. Over the years, LKSff has been presented by ComMattersKenya in collaboration with #GoetheInstitut. We’re forever grateful!”

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