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Diana Musee using her academic skills

Practical Experience Enriches My Theoretical Learning

By Diana Nzevuu Musee
Published November 28, 2015

Diana Musee at workHaving been made aware early enough that practical attachment is a requirement for all Communication Studies Department students at Moi University in western Kenya, and being aware of the difficulty in securing the opportunity in Kenya, I embarked on the search for suitable organisations in my first semester of third year.

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It was during my online search for Kenyan organisations that offer attachment to students of Graphic Design that I came across Lola Kenya Screen. I applied for the opportunity and got the invitation for pre-internship placement interview in Nairobi in a fortnight’s time.

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I did a four-hour interview in oral, written and practical formats on August 28, 2015 and, believe it or not, I, from Moi University that is situated more than 350 kilometres from Nairobi, passed the interview that has seen many applicants—more than 30 candidates apply for the four positions available per quarter on a daily basis!—fail to make it to the short list!

Graphic Design Intern, Diana Musee, using computer to design logosI was attached to Lola Kenya Screen’s Production Department as a Graphic Design Intern between September 7 and November 27, 2015.

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On joining Lola Kenya Screen, my objectives were to brainstorm with others and design simple but unique logos, improve my efficiency and effectiveness in the use of Adobe software (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Première Pro and After effects), effectively use available technologies to gain maximum skills, learn how to design and publish electronic and print books and brochures, improve my skills in photo-taking and editing, create and edit videos, market the organisation through producing high quality print designs, and use provided platforms to network with other media personalities.

Diana Nzevuu Musee participates in a staff meeting

At the end of 12 weeks I had completed at least 95% of the work I had been assigned and had achieved most of my objectives: I had become efficient and effective in using Adobe software; I applied my theoretical knowledge and advice given to me to come up with quality designs; I used the technology availed to me to improve my skills.

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Diana Musee interacts with Patrick Kabugi, a sound design and film music scorer, after a Lola Kenya Screen monthly film forum meetingI also gained some skills I had not set out to acquire while participating in staff meetings, taking care of the Public Relations and Administration during a monthly screening, discussion and networking forum that Lola Kenya Screen organises for players in the movie sector in Kenya and eastern Africa. I also participated in the planning and presentation of events, previewed and critiqued films to be shown, critiqued the various products—websites, books, brochures, films, logos—that Lola Kenya Screen deals in. I also got the opportunity to work as an Administration Assistant, ensuring the office ran efficiently.

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In general, this field attachment programme at Lola Kenya screen allowed me to enrich my theoretical learning through practical experience in the real world.

I thank Lola Kenya Screen for giving me the opportunity, the resources and the platform on which to acquire hands-on skills.

Diana Musee using her academic skillsHey, thanks, too, for providing beverage—the hot coffee, tea and cocoa—may I request Lola Kenya Screen to provide bread, scones and other snacks for lunch as well.

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Lola Kenya Screen offers 8-16-week internship to final year university students in Media and Information Literacy, Creative writing, Cultural Journalism, Critical Appreciation of Creativity, Event Planning and Presentation, Movie Production, Graphic Design and Website Development.Eligible are students of Media, Information, Communication, Journalism, Mass Communication, TV/Video Production, Visual Communication, Advertising, Literature and related areas.


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