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How to Secure That Internship in Media & Information!

Graphic Communication & Advertising Intern, Diana Nzevuu Musee, Moi University

By Sharon Atieno Onyango Published September 17, 2015 Internship is an opportunity offered to students to acquire practical skills in a work environment related to their fields of study. This is aimed at equipping participants with the skills to help them gain employment. RELATED: My Graduation from Technical to Creative Producer In today’s world, anyone graduating without practical skills is grossly disadvantaged. According to a survey by the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA), only about half of the more than 50 000 students who graduate from university annually in Kenya are suitable for employment; more than half are not even suited to their career choice. RELATED: Children Spend Six Hours or More a Day on Screens Lola Kenya Screen has since 2005 been offering learn-as-you-do internship to final year university students in creative and cultural entrepreneurship through media and information-related disciplines: video production, mass media, communication, journalism, information, creative writing, graphic design, website development, public relations, mass communication, print production and literature. The programme, that is available to East Africans, equips today’s generation with creative with the skills to understand, appreciate, create and consume high quality content. RELATED: Twelve-Year Old Turns Ordinary Stories into Films! “We are fully equipped with the required technology used in the various fields in which we offer the programme,” says Ogova Ondego, Managing Trustee and Creative Director of Lola Kenya Screen. “Unfortunately we take only four interns per quarter after a pre-internship placement interview.” It therefore goes without saying that there is stiff competition from the more than 30 applicants who send in their application on any particular day for the 12-week programme whose participants are assessed by both Lola Kenya Screen and the university concerned; the grade attained counts towards the student’s graduation. “The vision of Lola Kenya Screen,” says Ondego, “is to …

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Lola Kenya Screen Equipped Me with Skills in Cultural Journalism, Arts Criticism and Event Management

steve biko abuya, pr and social media, maseno university

By Steve Biko Abuya, Maseno University, Kenya As I left Lola Kenya Screen on August 1, 2014 having completed a rigorous three-month internship as a partial requirement for graduation from Maseno University in western Kenya, I was very grateful for the opportunity. I had joined Lola Kenya Screen as a Public Relations Intern charged with PR and Social Media Writing, Graphic Design and Video Production on May 12, 2014. I had also been required to write three publishable journalistic articles every week. RELATED: How I Made My First Film My internship at Lola Kenya Screen gave me a clear picture of what is expected of an employee in the workplace: diligence, time-consciousness, flexibility, working under minimal supervision and  thinking on my toes. I got the opportunity to attend three of Lola Kenya Screen’s monthly film screening, discussion and networking forum. My duties here were to take Public Relations pictures and file reports on the proceedings. The fora gave me the opportunity to interact with several film practitioners and film enthusiasts and managed to build a professional network. These meetings also provided a platform on which to exchange ideas on film and criticism and thus helped broaden my perspective and skills in video editing, screen directing and general film production. Out of the targeted 36 articles I was to have published by the end of my internship, I managed to have 16 of them making it through. Some of the pictures I had taken, too, were used to illustrate journalistic and PR articles on ArtMatters.Info and LolaKenyaScreen.Org, respectively. Some were also used in the social media pages of the organisation. RELATED: Lola Kenya Screen Brings My Professional Journalist’s Dream Nearer  Lola Kenya Screen offered me the opportunity to learn and practise cultural journalism and criticism. I now realise that there is …

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Our Skills-Development Programme in Creative Entrepreneurship Marks 10th Year!

Kaptuiya Sirma

We mark our 10th year of equipping children and youth with practical skills in creative and cultural entrepreneurship in 2014. This programme, incepted in March 2005, was initially offered under ArtMatters.Info (under whose umbrella Lola Kenya Screen was founded and operated till 2009!) with the aim of helping entrench arts criticism and appreciation in eastern Africa. Some of the beneficiaries of the programme so far have been students from University of Nairobi, Kenyatta University, Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Maseno University, Uganda Christian University, Kampala International University, Daystar University, Nairobi Film School, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication, Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Tangaza College, Kenya Polytechnic and Kenya Private Sector Alliance. Subject to availability of resources, we continue to offer a 7-12-week Internship Programme every three months to out-of-school youth and final year students of Communication, Information and Mass Media (Journalism, Mass Communication, Public Relations, Video/TV Production, Web Development/Graphic Design) and related subjects. Participants in our 12-week programme get the chance to conceive and implement projects through our hands-on, learn-as-you-do mentorship as they work on our cultural journalism, video production, event planning and presentation, critical appreciation and media and information literacy projects. Our daily cultural journalism and public relations, weekly school outreach, fortnightly mobile cinema, monthly film forum, quarterly internship and annual festival programmes offer ready platforms on which to gain these much needed skills in Kenya’s exam-focused education system. A candidate has to apply—including one’s curriculum vitae and motivation with an introduction/request from school—to be considered. Over the years we have also extended our skills-development programme beyond Kenya to Uganda, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Zimbabwe and South Africa where we have helped equip participants with skills in areas as diverse as arts criticism, human rights, online publishing, and film and arts criticism. We are also liaising with like-minded organisations …

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