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Young Actors, Moviemakers and Community Developers to Converge in Nairobi

Wanjiku Mburu who is currently appearing on MACHACHARI series every Friday on Kenya's citizen TV

By Iminza Keboge Published June 9, 2017 She hangs upside down, spitting blood, moaning pitifully as if in excruciating pain, begging for mercy, several fresh cuts oozing with blood visible on her face. She is one of the many nameless bodies hanging in a nondescript dark room that resembles an execution chamber. Are these people, humans, or are they livestock carcasses in an abattoir? As screams and wails give way to a deathly silence, someone suddenly shows up. This is a summary of TORTURE, one of the eight films to be screened and discussed at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi, Kenya, during Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff), the longest running and most consistent movie gathering on the arts and entertainment calendar of Kenya’s capital. RELATED:Kenyan Actor Who Enjoys Playing ‘Bad’ Guys Speaks About His Real Career The meeting, on June 19, 2017, shall also see this premier critical movie platform mark its 100th monthly (bi-monthly since 2016!) meeting since its inception in 2005. TORTURE is a production of Film Lab, a group of young thespians and moviemakers that came into being in 2014 with the aim of creating ‘life-changing movie content that influences people and provokes discussion’. BEHIND THE SEEN, a film that explores the limits to which love and fear, driven by deep-seated secrets, can push a man; LIFE GUARD, a movie that looks at what could possibly go wrong when a supposedly well trained, well equipped and much sought after life saver is on duty; and NAZIF, the story of a distressed father searching for his child who has gone missing while his nature works for and against his quest, shall be shown on the BIG screen for players in the movie sector to appreciate as LKSfff, in its 12th year, marks its 100th gathering. RELATED:99th Lola Kenya Screen film …

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Stage and Screen Arts Group to Perform at Lola Kenya Screen’s Event

A Nairobi-based youth group that specialises in performance and screen arts shall be in focus during the 98th Lola Kenya Screen film forum that screens and debates movies and provides a platform for forging of friendships and partnerships. The group, known as Geatrics Production, shall perform a skit and dance before presenting their debut film at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi on February 27, 2017. LKSff  is usually one of the first places–if not the only one!–where new films can be seen and young talent spotted as it focuses on equipping players in the movie sector with requisite skills for turning the motion pictures sector into an industry. While the skit to be presented tackles dishonesty in relationships and the dance provides an interlude of entertainment, the film revolves around the life of a girl after the death of her parents. RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen’s Programmes As the audience watch and discuss short movies from eastern Africa and network, they also get skills in moviemaking, event programming, public speaking, theme-based discussion moderation, cultural journalism and criticism, promotion and marketing, and resource-mobilisation through LKSff’s learn-by-doing approach. “The aims of LKSff are to build capacity in the movie sector of Kenya and eastern Africa; and to help turn moviemaking in the region into a sustainable industry,” Ogova Ondego, the creative director of Lola Kenya Screen of which LKSff is a part, tells ArtMatters.Info. “Consequently, Ondego says, “For this reason, LKSff showcases all sorts of short moving images: Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Commercials, Animations, Experimentals, Avant-Garde, Documentaries, Music Videos, and Fictions.” It is into this network that Geatrics Production hopes to tap, gets known and succeed in the fledgling movie arts sector. RELATED:Impact of Lola Kenya Screen “Geatrics Production was founded in 2014 with the aim to help and nurture young talents in acting,dance, art and …

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Movie Platform Trains Creative Entrepreneurs

Following proceedings during a Lola Kenya Screen film forum gathering at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi.

Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff), Nairobi’s most consistent and longest running critical movie platform, convenes for the first time in 2017 on February 27. Scheduled to grace the occasion after the Christmas break are young performing artists from a group called Geatrics whose movie shall premiere at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi. RELATED:Impact of Lola Kenya Screen LKSff has over the past 12 years reached more than 8000 creative entrepreneurs through a monthly gathering of players in the movie sector. A ‘Closed’ or ‘By-Invitation-Only’ gathering, LKSff–that brings together players in the audiovisual media sector–is a training ground for creative entrepreneurship in Event Planning, Discussion Moderation, Public Speaking, Cultural Journalism, and Resource-Mobilisation. LKSff has since December 2005 when it started showcased 230 movies from eastern Africa and reached 8800 movie lovers at the end of 2016. RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen’s Internship Lands Youth Media Job The forum switched from a monthly to a bi-monthly schedule in 2016. It is now run every last Monday of the other month. RELATED:Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) LKSff has over the years been bringing together stakeholders such as moviemakers, critics, writers, students, researchers, policymakers, funders, actors, community developers to: a). watch and discuss short movies in eastern Africa b). exchange ideas on how to improve movie production c). explore ways of creating a sustainable market for moving image products and services. Every meeting of LKSff shows a movie for children and youth to encourage practitioners to make such movies in eastern Africa. Also in the programme is a segment called ExpertSpeak that features an experienced practitioners talking about their work. The aim of this is to  equip movie practitioners with skills in the various departments or areas related to the 7th Art. RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen school outreach The Lola Kenya Screen movie platform for children and youth in …

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Lola Kenya Screen Marks 12 Years of Celebrating Movies!

Movie practitioners interact during the 96th Lola Kenya Screen film forum

Lola Kenya Screen film forum entered the 12th year of bringing movie practitioners together to monthly screening, discussion and interaction on October 31, 2016. RELATED:Impact of Lola Kenya Screen Billed as Kenya’s premier critical movie platform, 96th LKSff marked the occasion by showing and discussing DYSLEXIA, a film on how a mental disorder could adversely affect not just children’s school work but also family unity. The work is written by Fred Wendo and directed by Robert Machoka under Theluji Africa Productions. Among the shortcomings identified in DYSLEXIA was inadequate research on the topic of dyslexia as the subject was just touched on but not explored in a medium like film that is driven by showing and not telling. Eunice Ayuma, an actress, voice-over artist and brand model noted that “a good film should educate the audience and that research should be done to ensure that the target audience can relate to the theme of the film.” RELATED:About Lola Kenya Screen Moses Sheldon, a script writer and Emcee also noted that some of the shots in the movie should have been edited out. He noted that the overhead microphone is visible in one scene. Lawrence Mwangi, a theatre arts and film technology student whose films have been showcased at LKSff stressed that the editing of the film would have been done better to get rid of unnecessary stuff. You’re happy and safe one minute and the next you and your family must flee your home or get killed. What effect does this have on 6-13-year-old children? THE KITE WITHOUT WIND, a film by Salem Salavati of Iran tackled this in the Childfare segment of the 96th LKSff. Also shown but not discussed was DAVID G MAILLU, A bio-documentary film on Kenya’s father of pop literature who also doubles up as an …

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10th Lola Kenya Screen to Hold in December 2015

Nairobi Safari Club was the base of Lola Kenya Screen 2014

The 10th annual edition of our festival, skills-development and marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa shall be held December 7-12, 2015. RELATED: Lola Kenya Screen Brings My Professional Journalist’s Dream Nearer “Our Anniversary festival shall be held December 7-12, 2015,” said Ogova Ondego, the Director of Lola Kenya Screen during a special Anniversary Launch programme at Goethe-Institut in Nairobi on May 26, 2015. “The theme of the festival that summarises the adventure that is Lola Kenya Screen is ‘Inspiration, Innovation, Transformation’.” Setting the pace for the evening that brought together children, youth, families and players in the motion pictures, media, arts, culture and policy-making sectors were DOES GOD PLAY FOOTBALL? by Michael A Walker of Scotland and ROBERTO THE INSECT ARCHITECT by Galen Fott and Jerry Hunt of United States of America. RELATED: Children Spend Six Hours or More a Day on Screens While the former is a tale of faith, fate and miracles, the latter revolves around a small village termite who follows his dream of becoming an architect by travelling to the big city in the hope of finding success there. Both films are not just audience-pleasers but are 10 minutes long and 10 years old; like Lola Kenya Screen! Also screened for appreciation were HOPES AND DREAMS by 15-year-old Celestine Oburu of Kenya and KISWAHILI SAVES THE DAY by 10-year-old David Ngarapi of Tanzania that were made in the framework of Lola Kenya Screen 2014 festival with the support of East African Film Network, East African Community and German Technical Cooperation (GIZ). The special programme took place in the framework of the monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum. Almost an hour before the official opening of the doors at 5.20 PM for the 5.30-8.30 PM event, the auditorium was almost full. RELATED: University Professor-Taught …

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