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11th Lola Kenya Screen Announces Film Selection

The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, Switzerland

Lola Kenya Screen has released the lineup of films to be shown during its 11th annual media and arts festival in Nairobi. RELATED:Frequently Asked Questions About Lola Kenya Screen Ogova Ondego, the creative director of the Nairobi-based Lola Kenya Screen movie platform for children and youth in eastern Africa, says the films were selected from more than 670 movies submitted for consideration from all over the world. The themes of the selected work range from environmental conservation, human rights, forced migration, celebration of mothers and grandparents, the importance of the arts (music, sculpture, storytelling, movies, circus) to adventure and friendship. “Short and full length fictional and documentary work, animation and experimental movies are all in our film programme,’ Ondego says.”Films from 10-, 12- 14- and 15-year-old directors from Spain, Tanzania and Kenya are also in the selection.” RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen Hosts Evening of Short Films India has dislodged Spain, Poland, The Netherlands and Germany as the nations with the highest number of films in a Lola Kenya Screen festival. Also of note is the fact that for the first time in the history of Lola Kenya Screen, fewer films shall be screened and discussed during the festival that is scheduled for December 5-10, 2016.Among the films selected are: THE KITE WITHOUT WIND by Salem Salavati, Iran ADAPTATION by Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland MOUSSE by John Hellberg, Sweden 2 PENKUTTIKAL/Two Girls by Jeo Baby, India BAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA by Cyrille Cornu, France QUERIDA MAE/Dear Mother by Paulo Carneiro, Portugal GAURU/Journey of Courage by Ramkishan Nandram Choyal, India LE DRAGON ET LA MUSIQUE/The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, Switzerland PRATHIMAA/The Image by Shivanandam N, India BLANKA by Kohki Hasei, Italy/Japan/The Philippines RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen’s Core Programmes LA ULTIMA BATALLA/The Last Battle by Leo Humphreys and Mencia Flores, Spain HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY …

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Nairobi’s Premier Critical Movie Forum to Go Bi-Monthly

Movie lovers react during a film scene at 92nd Lola Kenya Screen film forum

Nairobi’s premier critical movie screening, discussion and networking forum shall from January 2016 be held bi-monthly. Lola Kenya Screen Directorate has announced that Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff), that has been held every last Monday of the month since 2005, shall be held every two months. RELATED:Lola Kenya Screen Appeals for Support, Introduces ‘Cost-Sharing Ogova Ondego, the managing trustee who also doubles up as artistic director of Lola Kenya Screen, said during the 92nd monthly LKSff on February 29, 2016 that the decision was prompted by inability of the region’s film sector to generate enough content for a monthly event. ENGRAVED and THE VACATION–two films by Lawrence Mwangi Nduati, a first-time film director and student of Theatre Arts and Film Technology at Kenyatta University—were shown and discussed. While ENGRAVED tells the story alcoholism, depression and suicide, THE VACATION revolves around a young man whose life would be snuffed out were he to be denied music. The cast and crew for both films are first timers and currently students of Theatre Arts and Film Technology. The effort and courage by these young filmmakers to premiere their film while at the same time invite a critical appreciation is one of the aspects that stood out for the audience. A big part of the audience comprised young people who are involved in various aspects of creativity including filmmaking and theatre. These young people were challenged to put their dreams into action and to do something with their talents and passions, learn and then begin to grow in their careers. “I feel challenged to work harder, put something out there, learn from my mistakes and improve,” Collins Ochieng, an actor, said. RELATED:Nairobi National Museum Displays ‘Most Amazing Art’ The crew admitted to have had challenges of limited knowledge, technical know-how and finances with …

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Lola Kenya Screen Collaborates with Dubai’s Children’s International Film Festival

Lola Kenya Screen has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with United Arab Emirates’ Children’s International Film Festival. The MoU of friendship and collaboration, signed by Managing Trustee Ogova Ondego for Lola Kenya Screen and Director Deepak Jain for CIFF, shall see both organisations support each other’s festival from 2013 onwards. LKS and CIFF have agreed “to work together in the spirit of partnership to ensure there is a united, visible and responsible leadership that demonstrates commitment to the success of each other’s project,” a part of the Mou signed on November 9, 2013 states.

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Why Lola Kenya Children’s Screen Exists!

lola kenya screen's children in photography

This interview with Lola Kenya Screen founder Ogova Ondego was conducted by Rut Gomez Sobrino of Spain who was a mentor at the 4th annual Lola Kenya Screen festival in 2009; it was initially carried out for the UNESCO e-Platform. How was this Lola Kenya Screen festival initiative born? Having noted with concern that the mass media ignore people below 15 years for apparently not being commercially-viable in my part of Africa, and desiring to place production tools in the hands of children and youth for the advancement of goals like literacy, gender equity, self expression, and democracy, Lola Kenya Children’s Screen (but usually known simply as Lola Kenya Screen) was started in October 2005 as a movement to empower children with life-development skills. In short, I can say that Lola Kenya Screen started out of protest over the injustice done to children and youth by profit-minded adults in eastern Africa! I also was uncomfortable with the idea of being invited to give talks, judge films and facilitate workshops abroad while we had nothing back home! Could you briefly explain the importance of the productions you receive every year? These films are important in the sense that they inform, educate, entertain, persuade and entrench tolerance and respect of cultural diversity in eastern Africa. Besides presenting an alternative perspective to our audience, these films also teach our audience and adult filmmakers in eastern Africa the importance of creating high quality audiovisual media content specifically for children and youth. Between August 2006 and August 2008, Lola Kenya Screen has showcased more than 1200 films from 71 nations representing all the six continents—Africa, Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, Europe—in various genres, formats and lengths. Additionally, Lola Kenya Screen has helped add 31 child filmmakers, 14 journalists, 13 film judges, 7 MCs, 15 …

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Why Lola Kenya Screen Focuses on Children and Youth

Minky Schlessinger of South Africa with her 14-Plus Award for the best youth film

By Ekine Stronghold Ogova Ondego, Managing Trustee of the Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media festival, skill-development and marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa—while on a recent visit to Lagos—spoke to Ekine Stronghold of Nigeria’s Nollywood Television about the initiative. Tell us about Lola Kenya Screen and how it impacts on the Kenyan film industry and Africa at large. Lola Kenya Screen is an audiovisual media festival, skill-development programme and a marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa. It runs a weekly school outreach programme, fortnightly mobile cinema, monthly film forum, quarterly internship and annual film festival. Lola Kenya Screen—that was initially created under the ArtMatters.Info cultural journalism arm of ComMattersKenya in 2005—conducts skill-development and mentorship in creative writing, critical journalism, event organization & presentation, critical appreciation of creativity, filmmaking and media literacy; runs weekly school outreach programmes, monthly film forum, annual film festival and fortnightly neighborhood mobile cinema throughout the year; manages a creative and cultural platform on which to promote and market ideas, services and products related to children, youth, family, media, information and literacy. Lola Kenya Screen has helped equip 154 children and youth from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe with operational skills in creative and cultural entrepreneurship since August 2006; 73 have been trained in filmmaking, and 24 in creative journalism, 11 in event planning & presentation, and 20 in critical appreciation of creativity in general and film in particular. Additionally, 26 youth have been equipped with the skills to make television drama and documentaries for children and youth. So far, 20 short animated films, 12 documentaries, and five dramatic films have been made by children and youth through the annual Lola Kenya Screen film production workshops while many talents from the writing workshops have joined the mainstream mass media organizations in …

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Zimbabwean Youth Flies to Kenya for Adventure and Learning

By Sharon F. Mazvihwa,16, Zimbabwe I arrived in Nairobi on the eve of the third edition of the annual Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media festival, skill-development and marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa. My participation in this important event was made possible by the partnership between Zimbabwe International Film Festival Trust’s Postcards from Zimbabwe project, Art Moves Africa and Lola Kenya Screen. I had never thought I would in a plane, but I did fly by Kenya Airways; I had never imagined that I would sleep in a hotel, but I did sleep in a fantastic hotel in Nairobi in Kenya. The food served in this hotel was really good. The hotel was excellent and I actually enjoyed every moment in Kenya. Lola Kenya Screen was held at the Kenya National Theatre in Nairobi. It was held under the directorship of Ogova Ondego. We had the Official opening of the festival in the evening of August 10, 2008. I was honoured to be introduced as an international guest of the festival. The following morning the children and youth in the official skill-development programmes—filmmaking, cultural journalism, event presentation and jury—were directed to their various areas, meeting and chatting with people and youngsters from different countries. I was in the Film Jury. After introduction to film criticism by Ogova Ondego and Signe Zeilich-Jensen of Holland, the Jury watched and discussed the films in the official competition. Ondego had taught us what to look for using the journalistic formula of 5Ws and H (Who, What, Where, When, Why & How) and GOAT (Goal, Obstacles, Answers, Time). After the introduction Zeilich-Jensen took over as Jury Mentor under whose supervision we worked. As a team we worked hard. I really had the spirit to do everything I was told to do. We …

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