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Lola Kenya Screen prepares the filmmakers of today and tomorrow.

We Promote Eastern African Films Around the World

lola kenya screen filmmakersWe are promoting short films (up to 60 minutes) from eastern Africa around the world. Such films can be any language as long as they have good English subtitles. We are starting with recent (2012 and 2013) creatively packaged moving images in any genre on issues that are of interest to Africa but are also of universal appeal.

Though we have since 2005 been promoting films through our monthly film forum, annual festival, fortnightly mobile cinema and weekly school outreach programme, we want to strengthen our marketing platform segment by taking eastern African productions around the world.

The films exhibited at our monthly film screening, discussion and networking forum and the debates arising from them are usually reviewed and published by ArtMatters.Info with a view to promoting the films; the stories are picked by film festivals, media schools and international funding agencies around the world; the articles are also picked by journalists and other mass media for reproduction.

We are established as a festival, skill-development programme and marketing platform.

We focus on children, youth and family.

We work with festivals, schools, and governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental agencies around the world.

Any filmmaker in eastern Africa with creatively packaged moving images in any genre on issues that concern Africa is welcome to submit three copies of a production for promtion, together with one’s brief bio/CV, email & phone contacts at our offices in Kenya for consideration.

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