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The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, Switzerland

11th Lola Kenya Screen Film Submission Closes in 11 Days

BRATHIMAA, The Image, by Shivanandam N of IndiaMoviemakers worldwide have till 15.06.16 to send in their work for the 11th annual Lola Kenya Screen festival. That is just 11 days away!

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What sort of films are wanted?

Lola Kenya Screen considers films By, With and For children and youth, i.e. those ‎starring‬ ‘children and youth’, ‪‎addressing‬ ‘children and youth audience’ or ‪‎tackling‬ ‘children and youth issues’. Send in your work by 15.06.16. The festival shall be in December 2016.

BIG BOY by Yuri Solodov, RussiaWill all the films sent in be screened?

We select movies that are creative and ‪‎demonstrate artistic and technical mastery‬; ‪speak positively‬ to ‪‎children and youth‬ of ‪‎diverse backgrounds‬ and cultures; provide ‪strong role models‬ for both ‪‎boys and girls‬; and whose action is child and/or youth-driven and the stories are culturally authentic, timely, and of ‪‎universal appeal‬.


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Lola Kenya Screen REJECTS films with Excessive or ‪‎gratuitous violence‬, nudity or ‎profanity‬ and those that advocate and support ‪‎racial‬, ‪‎cultural‬, ‪religious‬ or ‪‎gender bias‬.

How is this done?

The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, SwitzerlandA film selection committee‬ comprising children‬, ‎youth‬, ‪‎filmmakers‬, ‪arts critics‬, ‪‎media educators, parents ‬ and other stakeholders screens all entries received in their entirety. It approves movies for Festival participation and for competition. Please submit your work by 15.06.16. The films selected for the festival shall be announced in 10 days after the deadline. That is, on June 25, 2016.

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