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About Lola Kenya Screen

Festiva moodLola Kenya Screen is a movie festival and skills-development and marketing platform focusing on children and youth in eastern Africa.

The aims of Lola Kenya Screen, a global movement whose name is derived from the widely-spoken African Bantu language group meaning ‘watch’, ‘see’ or ‘look at’ moving images in Kenya, are to cultivate sustainable audiences for cinema, entrenching in society the culture of making high quality, low budget, culture-sensitive movies and distributing them widely among consumers.

Established in October 2005, Lola Kenya Screen uses appropriate and available technologies to deliver audiovisual media content that complements, enhances, entertains and promotes learning among the generation of today and tomorrow in the promotion of literacy, gender equity, independent thought, human rights, environmental responsibility and global health.

Lola Kenya Screen explores, identifies, nurtures and promotes creative talent among children and youth in journalism, filmmaking, arts appreciation, print production, media and information literacy and organisation and presentation of events.

Lola Kenya Screen, the only audiovisual media initiative that is SPECIFICALLY and EXCLUSIVELY designed for children and youth in Africa, is incorporated as a not-for-profit limited liability company by guarantee under the Laws of Kenya.

Lola Kenya Screen is a non-political, non-religious, non-racial, non-sexist institution founded on humanist principles.

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Lola Kenya Screen was founded in October 2005 under the ArtMatters.Info cultural journalism and arts criticism project of ComMattersKenya consultancy as an annual international film festival, skills-development programme and movie marketing platform to empower children and youth with life skills.

Lola Kenya Screen operates on the principle that the audiovisual media platform must create opportunities for children and youth to define their development holistically.

Lola Kenya Screen believes that the comprehension of moving images is a basic skill at par with what education experts refer to as the 3 Rs—Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic—that contribute to development of societies and nations.

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Lola Kenya Screen seeks to cultivate sustainable audiences for cinema, inculcating in people the habit of producing high quality movies, watching and marketing them as widely as possible. It focuses on moving images of all genres, lengths and formats.

Lola Kenya Screen—through her Festival, Skills-Development and Marketing programmes—explores, identifies and nurtures creative talent among children and youth in areas such as journalism, moviemaking, arts criticism and appreciation, and organisation and presentation of cultural and creative events. This is aimed at equipping children and youth with the skills to understand, appreciate, and create high quality creative media and cultural products.



  1. you have achieved a great milestone in nurturing young people to develop their potential to their ultimate dreams,may you continue to prosper in your humble work

  2. manasseh senden

    hi am a st paul’s communication am passionated in film production am from kitengela more so am looking for an internship to gain and perfect my dream your consideration and suppoort will be of great help and appreciation

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