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Lola Kenya Screen Children's Jury at work.

Film Submission Period to 2013 Festival Closes

The Jury at work at Lola Kenya ScreenThree hundred and ninety-seven films were received for consideration by our 8th annual festival, skill-development programme and marketing platform for children and youth in eastrn Africa that is scheduled for 12-17.08.13 in Nairobi, Kenya.

About 100 of the films submitted shall be screened in seven categories:
a). The Golden Mboni Award for the best children’s film (Competition)
b). The 14-Plus Award for the best youth film (competition)
c). The Best Student Film (Competition)
d). Films by Children for Children (competition)
e). Eastern Africa Prism
f). World Panorama
g). Special Focus.

Spain led in the number of films submitted with Germany coming in second position.

While Australia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates and Egypt made significant progress, USA, UK, Greece, Italy, Singapore and India remained strong.

Australia, Kenya and South Korea are likely to feature prominently in The Best Film by Children for Children competition as they have a significant number of entries made by children; we plan not to host the Kids For Kids Festival Africa competition in 2013.

The battle for the Best Student Film award is likely to be a tough one as Singapore, India, Austria, Germany and Spain seek to edge out one another.

The films received are in English, Spanish, Polish, Greek, Malayalam, Quiche, Kikamba, Arabic, French, German, Hindi, Chhattisgarhi and no dialogue.

spycat chase at Lola Kenya ScreenThe genres represented in the film entries are drama, juvenile, fantasy, western, horror, comedy, documentary, animation, social, romantic comedy, romance, mysteryblack comedy, science fiction, thriller, suspense, survival, post-apocalypcy, fantastic thriller, infomercial, docu-fiction, adventure, audio drama, controversy, grotesque, music video, and road trip.

Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates) brings to 103 the number of countries that have submitted films to Lola Kenya Screen since 2006 when we opened our doors to the public.

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