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Directors speak about REFLECTION and FORGOTTEN, the movies they directed, during the 94th monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum

Lola Kenya Screen film forum

the pointLola Kenya Screen—with the support of ComMattersKenya/ArtMatters.Info in collaboration with Goethe-Institut in Kenya—runs this forum every last Monday of the month.

Known as Lola Kenya Screen film forum (LKSff), the gathering brings together audiovisual media players— filmmakers, actors, journalists, critics, writers, students, scholars, researchers, funders, festival organizers, and policy-makers within the governmental, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations and other players with a stake in the motion pictures sector—in Nairobi.

The objective of the LKSff is to explore ways of integrating film production with other socio-cultural and economic sectors in order to come up with a vibrant and sustainable film industry.

LKSff is often one of the first places where new films can be seen and young talent spotted.

During LKSff a selected film is screened followed by an open discussion based on the production as pertains to filmmaking in the region.

jedidah nguyo mceeing lola lenya screen film forumThe films exhibited and discussions arising from them are reviewed and published by ArtMatters.Info with a view to promoting the films; the stories are picked by film festivals, media schools and international funding agencies around the world; the articles are also picked by journalists and other mass media for reproduction.

LKSff was first held at its base—Goethe-Institut, Nairobi—on December 15, 2005 after its inception as a section of the Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media festival, skill-development programme and marketing platform for children and youth in eastern Africa on October 15, 2005.

Between December 2005 and April 2015, more than 170 films had been shown, discussed and promoted.

Below are some of the films that were scheduled for screening at the monthly LKSff between December 2005 and September 2015:

lola kenya screen film forum in session

1st LKSff. December 15:    Two Chics, One Guy and a Plate of Chips by Willie Owusu

2nd LKSff. January 16: Those Who Are Running … made in Tanzania by Annette Wagner, Germany.

Yohannes Hossfeld, former director of Goethe-Institut3rd LKSff. February 27: The Heart of Kampala by Winnie Gamisha and Andreas Frowein, Uganda/Germany.

4th LKSff. March 27: Kizunguzungu by Mwangaza Kanganga, Tanzania.

6th LKSff. April  12:  A Glass Story made in Kenya by Katrin Ender, Germany.

7th LKSff. April 24: The Naked Truth – Rosie and the Mole Rats by Herbert Ostwald, Germany.

8th LKSff. May 29: Watoto na Mji Mkongwe by Martin Mhando, Tanzania

9th LKSff. October 30:   Wages of Sins by Tirus Gathwe, Kenya.

11th LKSff. January 29: Tunaomba Amani by Petna Ndaliko Katondolo, DRC/Uganda and DR Congo’s Life or Death Transition produced by Caritas of Rome, Italy.

12th LKSff. February 26: Community Based Rehabilitation by Sheila Mulinya, Kenya

vicky bakile, producer's point of view13th LKSff. March 26: The Stigma by Sheila Mulinya, Kenya

14th LKSff. April 30: Moto by Hafidth Ismael, Kenya

15th LKSff. May 29: Moto by Hafidth Ismael, Kenya

16th LKSff. June 25: After the Silence by Irene Kulabako Kakembo, Uganda.

17th LKSff. July 30: Three experimental music videos, including Iwinyo Piny, by Just A Band, Kenya.

18th LKSff. September 24:  A Love Letter to My Country by Thierry Dushirimana, Rwanda

21st LKSff. January 28: Faida za Miti, by Jerome Kimaro, Tanzania & Snakebite by Matt Pinder, UK

22nd LKSff. February 25: The Spark that Unites by WanuriKahiu, Kenya

23rd LKSff. March 31: Ras Star by WanuriKahiu, Kenya

24th LKSff. April : Masquerade by Rupinder Jagdev, UK/Kenya

emmanuel emasealu25th LKSff. May 26: Subira by Ravneet Chaddha, India/Kenya

26th LKSff. June 30: Her Thoughts, His Moves and Extracts of Me both by Willie Owusu, Kenya

27th LKSff. July 28: All Girls Together by Nick Njache, Kenya

28th LKSff. September 29: Docs for Today, a compilation of six films–BROTHER brother: The Quiet Katoto by Sheila Mulinya, A Journey to Pamoja by Solomon Mwendwa, Santos by Rupinder Jagdev, A New Passion by Samson Karuu, I Survived by Yonnie Andal, and The Speaker by Susan Mwangi–made during 3rd Lola Kenya Screen’s Children & Docs with the support of Jan Vrijman Fund/IDFA.

29th LKSff. November 24: Wildlife and environmental conservation documentaries by African Environmental Film Foundation, Kenya.

30th LKSff. January 26: Kilimanjaro and Charioteer by Alexander Alaka, Kenya

31st LKSff. February 23: Killer Necklace by Judy Kibinge, Kenya.

comparing digital notes32nd LKSff. March 30: Kenya nominees to the 5th Africa Movie Academy Awards–PAMELA (13 minutes, directed by James Kanja, 2008, Best Short Feature Film), LITTLE KNOWLEDGE IS DANGEROUS (4’15’’ minutes, directed by Adede Hawi Nyodero, Samora Michelle Oundo and Karama Ogova, 2007, Best Animation), MANANI OGRES (6’54’’ minutes, directed by Joseph Hongo, Norrick Joseph, Marcus Joseph and Samuel Musembi, 2007, Best Animation), CHEPRONO (2’30’’ minutes, made by Charlene Ndolo, Selestine Mwashagha, Mina Ogova, Steven Miriri, Charmaine Ndolo, Bakar Othman, Crystal Ndolo, Joseph Miriri, Tristan Zitoni Kayonga, and  Bree Manuel Tonga, 2008, Best Animation), and SANTOS THE SURVIVOR (4’00’’ minutes, directed by Rupinder Jagdev, 2008, Best Short Documentary).

33rd LKSff. April 27: Raadis by Emmanuel Mutsune, USA/Kenya.

34th LKSff. May 25: My Sculpture by Muthee Mungai, and Gender-Based Violence by African Woman and Child Feature Service, Kenya.

35th LKSff. June 29: Ghetto Hustler by Victor Gatonye, Kenya

Brian Prince Ochieng, director of JUST A SIP, with his lead actors2010
37th LKSff. May 31: Peace Wanted Alive by Judy Kibinge, Kenya

38th LKSff. June 28: Dawa, a 10-minute film by Mark Kaigwa, Kenya

40th LKSff. September 27: Mother Or by Aster Bedane, Ethiopia and Breaking Barriers by Yamrot Negusie, Ethiopia

41st LKSff. October 25: Saida, and Sshhh! by Reuben Odanga, Kenya

42nd LKSff. November 29: A History of Filmmaking in Kenya: 1909-2009 by F Simiyu Barasa, Kenya.


43rd LKSff. January 31: Zebu and the PhotoFish, and Truck Mama by Zippy Nyaruri, Kenya.

44th LKSff. February 28: How Much is Too Much, Wanjiku Kiniaru Hansen, and Within Reach by Salome Mbuthia, Kenya: Computer by Peggy Mbiyu, Kenya.

45th LKSff. March 28: Salome, and Rose Petals by Allan Aligula, Kenya

46th LKSff. May 30: Organs by Asha Mwilu, Kenya.

47th LKSff. June 27: Control by Ian Kithinji, Kenya.

48th LKSff. July 25: Urban Art and Music in Nairobi by Wanjiru Kimundu, Kenya.

49th LKSff. September 26: At All Costs by Portia Opondo, Kenya.

50th LKSff. October 31: Music Prophecies of an Urban Poet by Godwin Otwoma, Uganda, and The Invisible Souls by Emmanuel J. Munisi, Uganda.

51st LKSff. November 28: The Legend of Ngong Hills by Kwame Nyong’o, Kenya

caroline cheche52nd LKSff. January 30: Torn by Raymond Otieno, Kenya

53rd LKSff. February 27: The Trip by James Gayo, Tanzania , and Becoming a Girl by Grace Kinya, Kenya

54th LKSff. March 26: Aphrodite by Charles Ouda, Kenya

55th LKSff. April30: Consequences by Caroline Odongo, Kenya

56th LKSff. May 21: Rock Scene, and Sports by Ibrahim Chelanga, Kenya

57th LKSff. June 25: Monsters of the New Age, Passion for the Environment, Vanessa’s Dream, Little Knowledge is Dangerous, The Wise Bride, Manani Ogres, Light in the Darkness, It’s My Life, and Mama Africa made by various children and youth in the framework of the Lola Kenya Screen skill-development programmes.

58th LKSff. September 24:  Various shorts by Laka Nyaga, Kenya

59th LKSff. October 15: Shungu: The Resilience of a People by Saki Mafundikwa, Zimbabwe.

60th LKSff. October 29: Special Show on Classics: Menschen am Sonntag (People on Sunday) by by Curt and Robert Siodmak, Germany.

61st LKSff, November 26: Special Show to highlight films by children/youth: The Wise Bride (3’23”, Kenya), My Beautiful Dress (2’09”, Kenya), This is Me (10’00”, Kenya), Devourers of Books (29’00”, Poland), St Mathurin’s School of Practical Joking (10’00”, Scotland).


62nd LKSff, January 28: This is Me by Rachel Ouko, Kenya; Igare rya Rufonsi by Eric Kabera, Rwanda; Dancing Wizard by Caroline Kamya, Uganda; Bon Voyage by Kapwani Kiwanga, Tanzania.

63rd LKSff, February 25: Something Necessary by Judy Kibinge, Kenya

64th LKSff, March 25: Yellow Fever by Ng’endo Mukii, Kenya

65th LKSff, April 29: Gun to Tape by David Forbes (South Africa) and produced by Jackline Lebo (Kenya)

66th LKSff, May 27: CONSEQUENCES by Carol Odongo, Kenya

67th LKSff, June 24: BWANANGU MURESHI by Alexandros Konstantaras and Evelyne Kahungu, Kenya

68th LKSff, July 29: KUKU YA YELLOW by Deejay Msalaba and Malika by Bee Gilbert

festival69th LKSff, September 30: TAMED by Daniel Mwendwa Mutua and IMONDO by Deejay Msalaba

70th LKSff, October 28: SUSSES GIFT/Sweet Poison by

71st LKSff, November 25: HAUNTED SOULS by Godwin Otwoma and SPILLED by Ian Kithinji


72nd LKSff. January 27, 2014. THE CUT by Beryl Magoko and GIFT by David Mwangi.

73rd LKSff. February 24, 2014. JUST A DREAM and CHURCH and LOVE AND CULT by Warui Waters.

74th LKSff. March 31, 2014. 40Gs by Joan Mwihaki Kabugu and ACTS 319: SPOKEN WORD BY SKELETRONIXX by Mwendwa Mutua.

ian kithinji,jackline asava chat75th LKSff. April 28, 2014. TOO LATE by Mark Maina Maingi and PETITE LUMIERE by Alain Gomis.

76th LKSff. May 26, 2014. BLINDSIGHT by Ian Kithinji and SUBIRA by Ravneet ‘Sippy’ Chadha.

77th LKSff. June 30, 2014. PAMOKO by Jean-Francois Mean.

78th LKSff. July 28, 2014. ME, MY WIFE AND HER GURU by Alexandros Konstantaras and THE BALL by Shams Bhanji, Uganda.

79th LKSff. September 29, 2014. BEAUTIFUL TREE, SEVERED ROOTS by Kenny Iki Mann, USA/Kenya.

80th LKSff. October 27, 2014. IMONDO (03’47”) by Deejay Msalaba, THE LUCKY ONE (03’42”) by E M Mwangi, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE by Charity Moraa (04’40’’), SHOES (05’41”) by Caroline Kitili, SOMEONE (07’48”) by Faith King’ola, and DEEP END by Levis Isoe (11’45’’).

81st LKSff. November 24, 2014.CONSIGNED TO OBLIVION by Mark Maina Maingi, Kenya.

willie kimani at mathari primary school2015

82nd LKSff. January 26, 2015: THE PICNIC by Jackline Emali Asava and THE GOD OF THAAI by Joseph Mureithi Karugu.

83rd LKSff. February 23, 2015: MY FAITH by Bruce Makau and WALKING AROUND NAIROBI by Fina Sensada-Boixader

84th LKSff. March 30, 2015: SEPTEMBER by Mark Wambui

85th LKSff. April 27, 2015: TOGETHER by Roger James, and STOP THE NOISE by Environmental Film Festival of Accra 2010

86th LKSff. May 26, 2015: BEFORE AND AFTER and THE FRIEND by Likarion Wainaina

87th LKSff. June 29, 2015: 15TH MEMBER by Firul Maithya

88th LKSff. July 27, 2015: DECEIT by Mark Wambui, LETTERS HOME by Brian Munene

89th LKSff. July 27, 2015: THE FLOWER HUB and CARING FOR YOU by Rupinder Jagdev.

90th LKSff. October 26, 2015: OUTSET by Erick M Mwangi (Kenyatta University).

91st LKSff. November 30, 2015: DAMNED by Sheila Mulinya (Kenya), ACABO DE TENER UN SUENO/I’ve Just Had A Dream by Javi Navarro (Spain); PASE PRIVADO/Private Screening by Natxo Lopez (Spain), SCHNEE IN RIO/The Way You Die by Manuel Vogel (Germany)

Practitioners in the movie sector exchange ideas during the Lola Kenya Screen film forum's networking session2016
92nd LKSff. February 25, 2016: THE VACATION and ENGRAVED by Lawrence Mwangi Nduati of Mirror Cut Projects and a second year student of Theatre Arts and Film Technology‬ ‬ at Kenyatta University.

93rd LKSff. April 29, 2016: JUST A SIP [postponed due to technical problem at Goethe-Institut]

94th LKSff. June 27, 2016: REFLECTION and FORGOTTEN by Lawrence Mwangi and JUST A SIP by Brian Prince Ochieng. Starring in the romantic drama are Sharon Wanjiku, Felix Kiveu and Ken Njiru.

95th LKSff. August 29, 2016:
CLICHE by Firul Maithya; INDULGE ME by Ian Kithinji; ARE YOU HAPPY? by Henry Mutisya;HAPPY VALENTINE by Tyler Martindale; and ROLEX by Ian Kithinji and Henry Mutisya.

Directors speak about REFLECTION and FORGOTTEN, the movies they directed, during the 94th monthly Lola Kenya Screen film forum

96th LKSff. October 31, 2016:DYSLEXIA, a movie written by Fred Wendo and directed by Robert Mogendi Machoka of Theluji Africa Productions.

97th LKSff. November 28, 2016:IT HAPPENS by Theluji Africa and HOPES AND DREAMS, a production of Lola Kenya Screen directed by 15-year-old Celestine Msake Oburu.

98th LKSff. February 27, 2017: STAINS by Victor Layson of Geatrics Production

99th LKSff.April 24, 2017: STRUCTURES OF HOPE, WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU, SPENSA by Robert Asimba of Tufilamu Pictures

100th LKSff. June 19, 2017: TORTURE and LIFE GUARD by Peter Kawa and BEHIND THE SEEN and NAZIF by Jimmy Gor of Film Lab Kenya.

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