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The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, Switzerland

11th Lola Kenya Screen Announces Film Selection

Lola Kenya Screen movie platform for children and youth in eastern Africa runs five programmes throughout the year.Lola Kenya Screen has released the lineup of films to be shown during its 11th annual media and arts festival in Nairobi.

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Ogova Ondego, the creative director of the Nairobi-based Lola Kenya Screen movie platform for children and youth in eastern Africa, says the films were selected from more than 670 movies submitted for consideration from all over the world.

The themes of the selected work range from environmental conservation, human rights, forced migration, celebration of mothers and grandparents, the importance of the arts (music, sculpture, storytelling, movies, circus) to adventure and friendship.

“Short and full length fictional and documentary work, animation and experimental movies are all in our film programme,’ Ondego says.”Films from 10-, 12- 14- and 15-year-old directors from Spain, Tanzania and Kenya are also in the selection.”

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BRATHIMAA, The Image, by Shivanandam N of IndiaIndia has dislodged Spain, Poland, The Netherlands and Germany as the nations with the highest number of films in a Lola Kenya Screen festival.

Also of note is the fact that for the first time in the history of Lola Kenya Screen, fewer films shall be screened and discussed during the festival that is scheduled for December 5-10, 2016.Among the films selected are:

  • THE KITE WITHOUT WIND by Salem Salavati, Iran
  • ADAPTATION by Bartosz Kruhlik, Poland
  • MOUSSE by John Hellberg, Sweden
  • 2 PENKUTTIKAL/Two Girls by Jeo Baby, India
  • The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, SwitzerlandBAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA by Cyrille Cornu, France
  • QUERIDA MAE/Dear Mother by Paulo Carneiro, Portugal
  • GAURU/Journey of Courage by Ramkishan Nandram Choyal, India
  • LE DRAGON ET LA MUSIQUE/The Musical Dragon by Camille Muller, Switzerland
  • PRATHIMAA/The Image by Shivanandam N, India
  • BLANKA by Kohki Hasei, Italy/Japan/The Philippines

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  • LA ULTIMA BATALLA/The Last Battle by Leo Humphreys and Mencia Flores, Spain
  • HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY by Anjuli Shukla, India
  • KIMA’S LODE BEYOND THE CLASS by Zuala Chhangte, India
  • THE KITE WITHOUT WIND from Kurdistan in IranCHILDREN OF RHYTHM by Ramachandran K, India
  • PAPPU KI PUGDANDI Drama by Seema Desai, India
  • RECONNECT by Lola Parrilla, Spain
  • HOW TO WIN AT CHECKERS (EVERY TIME) by Josh Kim, Thailand/Hong Kong/USA/Indonesia
  • OPOWIESCI DZIADKOW/The Tales of Grandparents by JoanNa Polak and Daria Kopiec, Poland
  • KANAVU VARIYAM/Dream Factory by Arun Chidambaram, India
  • PARADISE TRIPS by Raf Reyntjens, Belgium/The Netherlands
  • KIYUMI NO MOMOKO SAYURU NO RYOKA by Satoru Sugita, Japan
  • CIRCUS DEBERE BERHAN by Lukas Berger, Germany

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  • BLANKA by Kohki Hasei, Italy/Japan/The PhilippinesMENDING by Siegmund Skalar, Austria
  • BIG BOY by Yuri Solodov, Russia
  • EK THA BHUJANG by Mohinder Pratap Singh, India
  • HOPES AND DREAMS by Celestine Oburu, Kenya/Uganda/Tanzania/Rwanda/Burundi
  • KISWAHILI UNITES by David Ngarapi, Tanzania/Uganda/Rwanda/Burundi.

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